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We make business plans and feasibility studies for our clients that are used to acquire:

We also offer our clients assistance in obtaining financing from Polish and foreign banks. We work with all Polish banks and leasing institutions. As part of our services, we provide assistance in obtaining loans for foreign enterprises purchasing products from our clients.

What Business Plan / Feasibility study contains?

Our business plans contain about 70-100 pages

Our business plans contain about 70-100 pages (depending on the complexity of a given project) and consist of two basic parts - descriptive and analytical.

Framework business plan layout:

  1. Basic information about the company, legal form, address, history of current activity,
  2. Information on the current activity,
  3. Information on the current economic and financial situation of the examined enterprise,
  4. Description of the planned investment project,
    • Investor's data,
    • Legal requirements, licenses, concessions, consents,
    • Aims and objectives of the project,
    • Marketing action plan,
    • product description, market description, demand analysis, suppliers, marketing plan,
    • Employment plan,
    • Budget plan and technical plan,
    • The total cost of the project,
    • SWOT analysis,
  5. Analysis of the current market situation in a given industry and forecast for subsequent years,
  6. Description of the operational plan of the intended undertaking,
  7. Financial analysis of the project,
    • Main assumptions,
    • Operating costs,
    • Revenues and forecasts for subsequent years,
    • Amortization
    • Financial costs,
    • Forecasts of financial statements:
      • Cash Flow Statement, Profit and Loss Account, Balance Sheet - period to be agreed with the Customer,
    • Financial indicators,
    • Project profitability analysis - indicators
    • Sensitivity analysis of the project
  8. Synthetic analysis of the studied enterprise.

Order Execution

The implementation schedule of our orders looks as follows

The whole process of creating a business plan takes about 14 days, and the implementation schedule of our orders looks as follows:

  1. Contact with the client,
  2. Writing the basic assumptions of the project, the client's and bank's guidelines,
  3. Signing the contract with the client and advance payment by the Client to execute the order,
  4. Gathering information about the rival and the market on which the project will operate after implementation,
  5. Development of a descriptive and analytical part,
  6. Transfer of the study to the client in order to accept the content,
  7. Application of any adjustments in the document,
  8. Financial settlement with the client.

What the customer will receive?

We give a guarantee on a business plan

The client receives from us a document in paper or electronic version on a pendrive. We give a guarantee on a business plan, which means that the financial settlement with the client takes place after the client accepts the document.

If for some reason the document requires correction, we correct it according to the client's recommendations and only then the client makes the payment.

If a business plan requires some changes at the request of a bank or investor, we also undertake to make corrections.

Businessplan Prices

The prices for writing a business plan are determined after initial arrangements with the client regarding the complexity of the document and the purpose of the destination.In each case, the price is set individually and the amount ranges from PLN 2,500 - 7,000 net.

Free for the client, we offer assistance in obtaining financing from Polish banks and leasing institutions.