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Business Plan

How to write a business plan.

The basic element in the implementation of the project is the creation of appropriate (real) assumptions for the development of the investment. This business plan is a key element. However, there is no single pattern of a business plan and its layout depends on the project to be analyzed and the purpose of the business plan. The business plan created for own needs will look different than for the purposes of taking out a bank loan, obtaining financing from a private investor or obtaining financial support in the form of subsidies. Many entrepreneurs wonder how to write a business plan correctly. What elements should a business plan contain and what issues should be looked at? The credibility, transparency and logic of building a business plan depend on the adopted assumptions because the issues analyzed will be important in the subsequent assessment of the project's profitability.

When creating a business plan, you should answer the following questions:

When writing a business plan, you should also analyze areas, such as:

- the main assumptions of the project,

- operational costs of the project,

- forecasts of revenues that can be achieved from the project,

- forecasts of costs and expenses related to the implementation of the project,

- plan for amortyzation of project assets,

- profit and loss statement during the project duration and forecasts,

- balance sheet during the project duration and forecasts,

- cash flow during the project duration and forecasts.

The success of the project depends on many factors. Therefore, when writing a business plan, it is necessary to consider and analyze in detail all the factors that may affect the implementation of the project. In addition, it is important to use a conservative approach to the implementation of forecasts, which means that any negative factors that could have a significant impact on the project should be taken into account. Answering the question of how to write a business plan - I think that it should be written in a transparent and orderly manner, and its layout may be consistent with the previously presented framework business plan. In each case, however, it is not enough to count the indicators, make predictions or draft a project schedule. Without a knowledge of the industry in which the planned investment project is to be implemented, you can not make a good business plan.